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We evaluate the realistic chances of success of your business
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Evaluation of

Digital Services

We measure the success potential of your service in its target industry. We compare your added value and business logic against your direct and indirect competitors.

We use different testing scenarios and methods that give us realistic data about your target market’s preliminar reactions.

Evaluation of

Web and Mobile Apps

We study the success potential of your app idea against your direct and indirect competition in the application store of each brand where you plan to publish it, giving you the technological requirements for it so you decide if its worth it investing in it.

There is always room to improve, even if we find a direct competitor it does not mean that your idea is bad, sometimes improving upon a mediocre service can be a game changer.

Evaluation of


We study the success potential of your website idea against existing and influential competitors, allowing you to measure an approximate time where you can generate a positive reception of your content.

There are millions of sites already out there. The key to success relies on offering quality and knowing your target audience as well as adapting to their changes in real time before others.

Evaluation of

Digital Content

We help you compare your content idea with influential existing competitors and measure its reach potential and how engaging can your first audience be.

There is already content of everything for everyone, if you can improve upon its quality and publish in a consistent manner your content has a bright future.

Final Result

Realistic Startups

Efficient websites, apps and digital services with a high engagement from your target audience.

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